Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

This year we had a lot of fun with Halloween.

Angela was a Hogwarts, Griffindor student.  She had the robe, scarf and wand.  All of which we made.  We are also in the process of making everyone else wands as we were pretty sure if she was shooting spells at us, we would need to be able to defend ourselves.

Connor was Spiderman.  We bought his costume a week before and we should have promptly put it up on a shelf.  He played with it so much that is had some rips and tears in it, but he still had a good time.  (I will have to do some repair work now)

Emeric was an Elephant.  We called him a lazy elephant the entire time.  He rode in his stroller and would hop out to trick or treat.  Then he would quickly jump back in even if we were only going to the very next house. 

Aren't these three just cute as can be?

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