Tuesday, November 15, 2011


It is November which means it is time for Brian and I to have a 'C' date.  This past weekend he and I went and tried curling.  Brian took to it like it was in his blood.  Towards the end we asked where it originated from and the instructor said it came from Scotland.  We then did tease that maybe it really was in his blood.  We learned how to walk on the ice, throw the rock, sweep, aim for offensive and defensive reasons and to read the ice.  If I would have remembered to wear thicker socks and bring a pair of gloves I think I would have had a really good time.  As it was, I was pretty cold and ended up just watching Brian for about a half an hour.  He seemed to really have a great time.  He even mentioned that if work would be a little more predictable he would think about joining a league team.  Alas, that might not be for awhile.

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