Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Awesome Travels

Yesterday, I was awake for almost 20 hours. Most of which was spent traveling (in one way or another). To most that would not constitute "Awesome Travels," but for us it did. We made it to the airport in Madison on time and okay, only forgetting the little stroller to help in the airports. Once on the plane (at 6:30 AM Central Time) we ended up stuck inside waiting for about 2 1/2 hours to leave (due to one delay or another). That could have been horrible, but the kids were awesome. I think they may have been half asleep still. Due to that delay, we missed our next flight. Therefore, having about a 3 hour layover until the next available one. Again, could have been bad, but the kids were great. We rode the airport tram a couple of times, played at the kids play area, ate lunch and watched part of a movie. On our second flight Connor napped for a good portion of it and then the three of us spent the rest of the flight helping another mom, who was traveling with her two kids, take care of and entertain them. We had a quick layover there and we were onto our last flight. From each flight our planes kept getting smaller and smaller. Our last one was not quite a propeller plane, but pretty close. The kids had another great flight and were happy to be done, once we got into Spokane (at 5:30 PM Pacific Time). Finally we were at the last activity before dinner and bed, picking up our luggage. Unfortunately that did not happen. Do to some unforeseen airtime travel the bags did not end up with us. Therefore we got some loaner car seats and the clothes on our back until hopefully this afternoon. But, like Mom and I said it wasn't that bad because the man there was very helpful, kind and considerate, which made it all bearable. Overall, we had a wonderful trip and travels.

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Ruhammie said...

It's a good things the kids were in good spirits! Its always nice to hear about a good travel experience with little ones. Someday we may be able to take Calvin on a plane ride, I think he'll be ecstatic when we do!