Friday, November 7, 2008

Connor is 2!

Happy Birthday to Connor, Happy Birthday to Connor!

Today my little baby turned 2. Amazing that it was two years ago he joined us in this world. Connor had a fabulous day today, well for the most part. We got really lucky that Brian did not have to work today so he got to be here with us. Our morning started out with singing to Connor as he was waking up and a special birthday breakfast that he did not want to have a thing to do with. He had some presents sent to him and he got to open those up. He got a pair of snow boots, snow gloves, a winter coat, matchbox cars, matchbox tractors, a stegosaurus (that makes noise), candy, some glow sticks, and a play mat for his cars. He immediately wanted to put on his gloves and his snow boots and then sat playing with the dinosaur. He also had a card that made monkey noises and he kept opening it up. We enjoyed this morning, in town, with the family. There is a big train set at the public library that he really likes. He got to stay and play with it for quite a while. This afternoon we played with a lot of the toys. Driving many miles with matchbox cars. Somehow dinner ended up a little bit earlier than we usually eat. Which was okay because we were able to sing to him and give him his birthday cake. He had a fabulous firetruck cake, which is way too much for just the four of us. An early dinner means there is a bunch of time until bed. What do we do to kill time? Play with glow sticks. We turned off all of the lights and both kids got a glow stick. We spent a couple of hours playing in the dark and having a lot of fun. Once bedtime came around he had definitely had a very good 2nd birthday.

P.S. Angela's is the first glow stick design and Connor's is the second.


Gram said...

Sounds like the birthday went well even if you were far from home. You know what they say "Home is where the heart is"
Love you all, Gram

Ruhammie said...

Yeah! Happy birthday Conner!! We're in Sunnyside this weekend to celebrate my grandmas 75th birthday, it was the 7th too. It sounds like you all had a very fun day, my favorite part was the light sticks!

Bj said...

Thanks for sharing the birthday fun with all of us back here. Sounds like it was a good day and fun for the whole family.