Sunday, November 16, 2008

Our Home Sweet Home

It just occurred to me that we have lived in the camper for a little over a month now. Before we left some people got to get into it and see it, but not everyone did. So this posting is dedicated to "Our Home Sweet Home." We live in a 2005 36 foot Coachmen Chaparral 5th wheel. There is a master bedroom over the hitch part of the 5th wheel. It has a king size bed and plenty of closet space. There is a shelf for a TV, but we use it for the computer's printer and other 'office' stuff. We have a small bathroom that has a sink in the hallway to our room. Then it has a toilet/shower room just off the hallway. The shower/tub it perfect for giving the kids baths, but it is not a conducive to having Brian and I shower in it. We can do it, we just don't have a huge hot water tank or holding tank. He and I both enjoy longer showers so we go to the show house and enjoy taking our time. Our main room is the kitchen/living room/dinning room. We have love seat sized couch that folds into a hide-a-bed. We do have a TV and a VCR/DVD player. They are not on that much, but they are available. There is also our stereo and an original Nintendo. The kitchen has enough counter space for our dish drainer and the cookie jar (of course Brian needed the cookie jar). Our fridge and freezer are very small so it requires a few more frequent trips to the grocery store. We do have a pretty good size pantry for the dry goods. The table is a typical camper table with the two bench seats and it all makes into a bed. The bench seats are nice for storage purposes, but they are a little awkward for getting people in and out. The kids have their own bedroom, at the very end of the camper. It has two full size bunk beds. Connor's has a bed rail so it is still like a crib for him. They have lots of toys and clothes that their room seems to overflow into the rest of the house. Since the living area is rather small and with four people and a dog, it gets a little trying to keep it clean. Therefore, we live in a little bit of organized chaos. Well, I hope that this is a fairly helpful picture for everyone who would like to know how we are living.

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