Friday, November 21, 2008

Cascade 'Mountain' Ski Resort

We live on top of one of the 'mountains' of Wisconsin. We are right next to Cascade Mountain Ski Resort. Actually we are just above the ski hill. Our elevation at the campground is 1320 feet. Downtown Spokane is at 1890'. The summit of Mt. Spokane is at 5889' and its lodge is at 4200'. That should give you a little perspective of how big the ski hill is. They have some black diamond runs, which makes Brian and I laugh. We said that some of our family members that are avid skiers would fly down them like the bunny hills. We have had a few days where there was snow in the area, but nothing has stuck. The ski hill on the other hand, does have snow. They have been working hard over the past week and a half making snow. It looks pretty funny to see one (now two) runs white with snow and then the rest are green still. We wonder if they are trying to get it, so that they can open for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Angela has been very excited for it to open because she would like to take lessons and learn to ski. We are going to look into it when we get back from Washington.

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