Monday, November 3, 2008

Beautiful Sun and Warmth

Today is absolutely fabulous. The sun is out, the wind is down to a minimum and it is warm. Our thermometer is slightly in the sun and it said 77. I know that must be a little high, but the weather man predicted a high of 72. I think it is wonderful that it is Nov. 3rd and we are in the 70's still. The kids and I have spent quite a lot of time outside: taking walks, playing at the playground, playing at our site, reading, hanging with the dog and soaking up the sun. Even though it is warm we sure make a funny bunch: Me with my shorts and t-shirt, Angela with her dress and shirt, and Connor with his sweats and jacket (of course with the hood up, that is the only way he likes it now). We are definitely enjoying it while we can because they are predicting snow for this weekend. Weird how one week can go from sunny and 70 to cold and snowy.

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