Sunday, November 9, 2008

Gas Prices

It has been pretty amazing for Brian and I as we have traveled back to the mid-west. On our road trip we did not pay too much attention to gas prices, we just tried to find the best deal. Once in Indianola we watched the prices fall. Now here in Portage they are really falling. The cost of unleaded is $2.19. Although Brian had school yesterday a little north of here and he paid $2.15. Then the cost of diesel is $2.91. Not to bad when we were afraid of prices in Washington going over $4.00 this past summer. We are pretty happy with it.

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Bj said...

Enjoy the lower prices while we have them. Gas in CdA is down to 1.89/gal. now but will go back up soon I am sure. I just love checking in to see what you and the family are doing Thanks.