Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving #2

We completed Thanksgiving #2 and it was very yummy and fun. The kids and I went to my Mom's mothers house and there were 21 people there (we were missing four). We spent a lot of time out around the campfire drinking and visiting. The house was a little small and cramped, but it was perfect. There was lots of yummy food although; after most of dinner was gone I realized there was no Green Bean Casserole. That's okay, I will make some soon. It was weird at dessert time. There were seven pies, but no custard pies. Brian and his family really like them and I have started making them on a semi-regular basis, so it seemed weird not to see any. Not that I was too worried, I am more of a huckleberry or pumpkin lover at the holidays. The kids each got their own individual mini pumpkin pie, smothered in whipped cream. They got to run around outside, feed the horses and play in the barn. I think they had a really good time.

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