Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I've Been Sewing (cont.)

At the end of my 'I've Been Sewing' post I left you hanging with the thought of completing a new project.  Yesterday I did it.  I was able to get both boys in their room and/or asleep at the same time and then I made a pair of baby booties.
I found this pattern from a blog I follow, Make It and Love It.  They seemed super easy and I was right.  I had them done within 2 hours as that's all the longer quiet time is for Connor.  Part of that time was spent putting Emeric to sleep and then back to sleep.  So, I'd really say that I got them done in about an hour.  I think next time they'll go a little quicker as I have a better idea of how they go together. 

This pair is for a friend that is due in just a few weeks, hopefully these pictures won't spoil the surprise.  I am now trying to figure out how to make them a little more manly.  I think I will try some for Emeric and see.


Ruhammie said...

OMG!! SO CUTE!! I HAVE to make me some of these...I couldn't find it with the rest of her tutorials though. I'm off to sew something new right now (for the YOE)...I'll blog about it soon!

Jen said...

Super cute, You did a great job on these. What about a less shiny fabric to make them more "manly." Have you worked with felt? These would be charming in felt. You did a great job and should be very proud to give these as a gift.