Sunday, February 7, 2010


Last weekend we went sledding.  It was a lot of fun, albeit a little cold.  A friend's mother lives on Silver Lake, here in town.  It is a nice gently slopping hill the goes down towards the lake.  Angela was concerned with going onto the lake, but Brian assured here that it was solid and would not break if they went onto it. 
She still wasn't certain so Emeric, Brian and I went down the hill first.  Brian stopped us at the bottom and up we climbed.  Angela decided to head down with dad and they flew down the hill, over the bank and out onto the lake.  I was not prepared for this and did not get any pictures.  I was afraid that she was never going to try it again but she was laughing and screaming about how much fun it was and how she needed to do it again.  Happily I took pictures of their decent. 
Next she wanted to go down with me.  I tried to explain that dad steered them through the cat-tails on the bank of the lake, but I would not.  Unfortunately for us, our encounter with the cat-tails left us on the losing (messy) side of things. 
Brian really enjoyed our misfortune.  Connor had a great time pulling the sled around, but I don't think he actually ever sat on it to sled down the hill. 
He also liked walking out on the lake.  It was a fun afternoon for all of us.   

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Jen said...

Are you buried in snow? I love this post. Sledding is a cheap activity until someone gets hurt! Glad your outing was injury-free!