Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Week at the Jamison's (Wednesday)

Wednesday 2.24.10
Here goes another day.  It was a good night last night, Emeric only got up once to eat and Connor never ended up in our bed.  Today getting ready seemed to go quickly.  Angela ended up with time to sit and read books with Connor.  Connor, Emeric and I headed to a friends for a morning play date.  We spent most of the morning there enjoying all of their fun toys (imaginext & geotracks).  The boys and I had lunch and then I got lucky and got Connor in his room and Emeric napping at the same time.  I did one of my devotionals and then cleaned the dinning room, living room and kitchen.  The boys got up just a few minutes before Angela got home from school.  Today was a much better day for homework, she got it done really quickly.  All the laundry I did a few days ago has been sitting folded on the chair; we all put it away this afternoon.  The kids got some new toys from the friend we visited today: a toy finder, two books and a ball.

I think the toy finder and the ball are really cool and I am going to see if I could make something similar.  They had a really good time playing with them.  I made up a batch of spice cookie dough and put a pizza in the oven for dinner.  Not homemade this time I was going for absolutely no work and no thought for dinner.  After dinner I baked up the cookies and Brian and I did the weekly hot tub maitinance.  We got all the kids into bed quite quickly.  Then it was time to order me up a new swim suit for work.  It was very much needed as I could hold my suit up and see all the way through to the other side.  I can only imagine what it looked like on me.  While online we spent a little bit of time working on some of his apprenticeships paperwork.  I also worked a little bit on my Bible study.  He and I then headed out to sit in the hot tub for some much needed body relaxing and then we headed up to bed. 

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