Monday, February 22, 2010

A Week at the Jamison's (Sunday)

Some people have asked me to share a little bit more about our lives.  I decided to run a seven part (read: boring) series titled "A week at the Jamison's". 
Reader: Laci, this series is going to be boring?
Laci: Yes reader it will be boring.
Reader: Why would you post a boring blog?
Laci: Well it is a week in our life for people to see what we do.
Reader: So what makes that boring?
Laci: We do not do that much, but maybe some people will find it just slightly more interesting than I am expecting.  Enjoy!
Sunday 2.21.10
Weekend mornings equal a breakfast that mom makes and not a bowl of cereal.  Today was nothing fancy, just scrambled eggs.  We seemed to get ready really quickly this morning which is unusual for us on a Sunday morning.  See this is our day of rest.  We go to a later service which allows us to sleep in a little bit on Sundays.  We got Angela to Sunday school at 9:00 and headed off to go grocery shopping.  That got done a little faster than we expected so we returned some movies to the video store and to the library.  We made it to church at 10:15.  We got back home about quarter to 12, unloaded the groceries and got started on lunch.  Sundays we have "leftover lunch" somedays it is over whelming as we have a lot of leftovers, other days we hardly have enough for everyone.  Once Connor was down for his nap Brian went outside to give his car a tune up.  Angela and I played a couple of rounds of uno.  Angela invited a friend over to play and Brian, Angela, her friend and Connor all watched a movie.  I made our bran waffles (watch out eggo!) and dinner: meatloaf, twice baked potatoes and asparagus.  After dinner we, friend included, drove a little over 20 minutes to the Dells to get some Cold Stone delight.  Once we got there we found out it was closed with a big space for lease sign in the window.  We ended up going to Dairy Queen, but you know when you are salivating for Cold Store, Dairy Queen just doesn't cut it.  After getting the friend dropped off and all three kids in bed, Brian and I enjoyed a little bit of time in the hot tub.  We also did our Song of Songs devotion (by Anita Renfroe and Mr. Renfroe). 

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