Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kid's Valentines

Valentine's Day is not a very big holiday for me.  I really could care less about the flowers, chocolates and such.  I enjoy going out on dates and if it ment Brian and I got one that would be fine, but really I try and keep it low key.  Growing up my parents always gave my brother and I a little something on Valentine's Day to show their love for us.  That was one tradition I wanted to carry on to our children.  This year I made the gifts for the kids.
Emeric got a pair of shoes.  I tried to make them manly, Brian said he wants a bigger pair. 
Connor got a fishing pole and fish.  The pole has a magnet on the end and the fish have magnets in their noses.
Angela got three headbands and a sugar cube toy (something she's really been wanting).
I really enjoyed watching them play with and enjoy their things.

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