Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Week at the Jamison's (Tuesday)

Tuesday 2.23.10
Since I took the computer to bed with me last night, I did not get up quite as early to work on it this morning.  Instead I was up at about 6:30 nursing Emeric and encouraging Angela to get ready for school.  Mondays are normally an exercise morning for me, but with Angela home that got thrown out of wack.  As soon as she headed off to school I did my morning exercises.  Then off to the post office to mail a package and get some stamps.  Next to the library for story time, playing and checking out books.  We then drove to Poynette for a play date/lunch with some friends.  We made it home in time for a quick snack and then Angela got home from school.  Since she had not been in school since last Wednesday it was a bit (let's be honest) a huge fight to get her to do all of her homework.  It took her two hours to read 15 minutes and complete 3 worksheets.  While she was doing that Connor and I read and played for a little bit.  I cleaned the kitchen island as I was working on dinner (Southwestern eggrolls with a avacado dip and red beans and rice).  Brian helped me to get the kid's teeth brushed and jammies on so that I could help Angela finish up her homework.  We had to play multiplication bingo.  I had to go to work teaching water aerobics (what a tough job getting paid to exercise).  Once home I had to search for Brian only to find him snuggled up under the covers with Connor, too bad I didn't get a picture of that.  I showered up and headed off to bed.     

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Ruhammie said...

This is really fun! I found something for Connor, but don't want to mail it until I have something for the other two, too. Does Angela like crafting?